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We are a discretionary money management firm.

Treece Investment Advisory Corp is a discretionary money management firm. Presently the firm manages roughly $50 million for more than 550 individual and institutional clients. Our firm is a true money manager—we don’t sell insurance products. Using an economic-based model that rotates assets across market sectors, we handle a variety of accounts. Prospective clients are always encouraged to call our office at 800-624-5597 or contact one of our firm’s partners.

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Dock comments on how the market performed on a series of good news from Thursday, Jeep's shortage on parts for their steering wheel, development costs on the rise and more.
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Thursday morning Dock and Fred talk about how the markets performed following the release of the FOMC meeting minutes, how markets respond to new presidents and more.
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Wednesday morning Dock comments on the commodities sector, George Soros' investment in Barrick Gold, the Anderson's considering a corporate sale and more.
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