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Treece Investment Advisory Corp is a discretionary money management firm. Presently the firm manages roughly $50 million for more than 550 individual and institutional clients. Our firm is a true money manager—we don’t sell insurance products. Using an economic-based model that rotates assets across market sectors, we handle a variety of accounts. Prospective clients are always encouraged to call our office at 800-624-5597 or contact one of our firm’s partners.

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Corporate Profits, Market Manipulation, Volvo and more; 3/30/15 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred discuss Corporate Profits and other figures released on Friday, the New York Post article about market manipulation, the article in the Toledo Blade regarding oil pipelines vs shipping by rail, Volvo looking to locate an auto plant in the US, economic development in Findlay and more
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GDP Expectations, Autos, Banking and more; 3/27/15 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred discuss how the markets performed on Thursday, GDP expectations, automotives, the banking sector and more
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Dow Drops 300 Points, Energy and Lucas County’s Declining Population; 3/26/15 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock and Fred discuss the near 300 point drop in the Dow yesterday, the energy sector, where the Dow needs to be to create panic for investors, the population of Lucas County declining and more.
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