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Treece Investment Advisory Corp is a discretionary money management firm. Presently the firm manages roughly $50 million for more than 550 individual and institutional clients. Our firm is a true money manager—we don’t sell insurance products. Using an economic-based model that rotates assets across market sectors, we handle a variety of accounts. Prospective clients are always encouraged to call our office at 800-624-5597 or contact one of our firm’s partners.

Latest Treece Media:

Microsoft’s Tech Issues, the Keystone Pipeline and Toledo Property on Good News Wednesday; 11/19/14

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred discuss Microsoft's problems yesterday, dependence on the web, the Keystone XL Pipeline vote failing in the Senate, Toledo and Lucas county purchasing property and much more.
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Toledo City Property, M&As and Education; 11/18/14 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred discuss property that the city of Toledo has bought over the years, market movers, corporate mergers and buyouts, the Hong Kong - Shanghai trading link, students taking remedial classes and more
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Markets Respond to Elections, GDP Growth and Ad Sales Adapting; 11/6/14 WSPD

On Thursday Dock comments on the Dow's reaction to the elections, GDP growth since WWII, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve, ad sales adapting to changes in technology, which investment era this market reminds Dock of and much more
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