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Thursday morning Dock and Fred talk about the China trade deal, the latest economic data, Amazon encouraging employees to become entrepreneurs and much more."
Written By: Dock Treece on Thursday, May 16th, 2019
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Uber’s IPO; 5/14/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock comments on the market drop yesterday, the Uber IPO, a new company geared towards Millennials to borrow the money for rent, student loans, the costs of raw materials and more.

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Trade Tensions Rise; 5/13/2019 WSPD

Dock gives us his Monday quote of the week, comments on the trade tensions with China, how they impact import/export numbers, the yield curve, Bitcoin and more.

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The FOMC Meeting and Amazon’s Liquidation Policy; 5/2/2019 WSPD

Dock comments on the FOMC meeting minutes, the Dow Jones Transportation Index, the latest economic reports, Amazon’s liquidation policy and more.

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NW Ohio’s Economy; 5/1/2019 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dow comments on yesterday’s market action, the $2 trillion infrastructure package, an opinion piece out of the Toledo Blade about the economy of NW Ohio and more.

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Women Entering the Blue Collar Workforce; 4/30/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow’s lackluster day, equity indexes flattening out, indicators that the economy may be slowing, personal savings in the US, “democratic capitalism” and more.

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Q1 GDP Report; 4/29/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about Dock’s quote of the week, the GDP report and much more.

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The Inverted Yield Curve; 3/25/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow’s drop on Friday, the inverted yield curve, the Mueller report and recession fears.

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German Economy Struggling; 3/22/2019 WSPD

Friday Dock and Fred discuss the transportation sector, GDP, jobless claims, the German economy and much more.

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