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Monday morning Dock and Fred discuss the Dow's new record high and the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill."
Written By: Dock Treece on Monday, September 24th, 2018
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Dow Hits New Record As Jobless Claims Reach 49 Year Low; 9/21/2018 WSPD

Friday morning Dock comments on the Dow surging to a new record, jobless claims hitting a 49 year low and the ongoing Kavanaugh hearings.

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Dow Nearing Record High; 9/20/2018 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock and Fred discuss the housing market and the impact of low interest rates.

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Hurricane Florence’s Aftermath; 9/19/2018 WSPD

Politics and the aftermath of Hurricane Florence dominate the headlines in this week’s WSPD Podcast.

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More Tariffs on Chinese Goods; 9/18/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred discuss the Dow’s performance on Monday, FANG stocks slipping, more proposed tariffs on Chinese goods and more.

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Companies Gearing Up For Holiday Sales Season; 9/17/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the week, the local real estate market, retail companies gearing up for the holiday season, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and more.

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Hurricane Florence, Tariffs and Watching the Debt and Deficit; 9/14/2018 WSPD

On Friday morning Dock comments on Hurricane Florence, US debt and the deficit and the impacts of tariffs on consumers.

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Economy at Warp Speed; 9/13/2018 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock and Fred discuss the US economy’s strength and Hurricane Florence’s impacts on the WSPD podcast.

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Indices Near Peaks as Tech Stocks Lag; 9/12/2018 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about the jobs numbers, weakness in tech stocks while indices near peaks, home prices vs rental prices and more.

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