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This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about the boom in the real estate market, the US Dollar suffering recent losses, oil hitting $44/barrel and Janet Yellen's predictions regarding market corrections."
Written By: Dock Treece on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
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US Automotive Industry a Strong Spot; 6/27/17 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the automotive sector, the largest BMW plant in the world, Amazon’s Romules distribution facility, the current political climate and more.

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Federal Government to Nix the Interest Deduction? 6/26/17 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about scraping the interest deduction, debt vs. equity, new home sales rocketing up 12% in 2017, and more.

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Money Magazine’s Mid-Year Report Card

Did Money Magazine’s experts pick 2017’s performers any better than Fortune Magazine’s? Find out in the Charts of the Week.

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Foxconn Eyes US To Build Manufacturing Plant; 6/23/17 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred talk about Foxconn looking for US locations to build a new plant, the Republican health care bill, Forbes’ list of top trade schools and more.

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Help Your Local Canine Rescue Tonight; 6/22/17 WSPD

Taking a break from the markets, Dock talks about how you can help 4 Paws Sake Canine Rescue tonight at the 5th annual Pints 4 Pups in downtown Toledo.

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Auto Sector Looks to Gain from Apprenticeships; 6/21/17 WSPD

On Good News Wednesday Dock comments on the special election in Georgia, the energy sector, the Kroger development in Toledo, technology efficiencies in the steel industry, apprenticeships and more.

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CDL Drivers Are Hard to Come By; 6/20/17 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock talks about the special election in Georgia, the US economy since the November presidential election, the transportation/shipping industry, fake profiles on social media and more.

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Active Vs. Passive? 6/16/2017 Charts of the Week

Active managers get paid the big bucks to beat the market, but have they been successful? Find out in this week’s Charts of the Week.

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