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Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about liquidity in the markets, rising treasury yields and more."
Written By: Dock Treece on Monday, April 23rd, 2018
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Is Liquidity Beginning To Dry Up? 4/20/2018 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred comment on jobless claims, liquidity (or a lack thereof) in the financial markets and what could make the market rally surge forward.

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Is Inflation on the Horizon? 4/19/2018 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about national and regional real estate figures, early signs of an inflation cycle, how Elkhart IN may be a look into the future of America’s labor markets and more.

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Red Hot Real Estate; 4/18/2018 WSPD

Dock comments on the red hot real estate market, strong news out of the industrial sector and more.

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The US Housing Shortage, Employers Looking for Younger Workers; 4/17/2018

Tuesday morning Dock talk about a recent lack of financial news, a shortage in the housing sector, a new demographic of worker that employers are after and more.

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How Weather Affects the Economy; 4/16/2018 WSPD

Monday Dock gives his quote of the week, comments on how weather impacts the economy, the Trump administration’s disagreement with Amazon regarding the US Post Office and more.

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Trump Vs. Comey and Trump Vs. Amazon; 4/13/2018 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred discuss the James Comey book, President Trump looking into the US Postal Service and their relationship with Amazon, corporate bankruptcies in the US and much more.

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FOMC Meeting Minutes Indicate Inflation; 4/12/2018 WSPD

Dock discusses the FOMC meeting minutes and what they indicated about the Fed’s inflation expectations and more.

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Home Prices Rising On Average $50/Day, Where’s The Inflation? 4/10/2018 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about stock indexes giving up several hundred points in the last 2 hours of trading, rising home prices across the country, President Trump’s handling of trade negotiations and more.

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