3/28-4/1/16 Charts of the Week

As the first quarter ended equities were boosted by a favorable March jobs report, which showed a growth of 215,000 in non-farm payrolls, which was greater than anticipated…

Jobs Report

As you can see from the charts below from Morningstar data, the Utilities sector performed very well, while Financial Services and Healthcare lagged…

morningstar 1


Sector performance 2


sector performance

On the international front, Latin American stocks outperformed most competitors, while stocks out of India and China posted negative returns…

morningstar 2

Last week’s biggest news came from Tesla, where an energized Elon Musk debuted the new Tesla Model 3, a smaller sedan that will rival the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class…

Tesla Model 3

The market quickly responded to the news favorably as TSLA rallied nearly 5% on the news…

TSLA Stock

However, within days, headlines started turning south on TSLA…

TSLA Short

According to analysts, investors fear that Musk may not be able to turn a profit on the Model 3. Readers should note that Reuters has reported that Tesla allegedly loses $4,000 on every Model S sold, and while presales have topped 275,000 on the Model 3, the $35,000 price tag may reduce margins and revenues.

Below readers can see how various sectors have performed throughout Q1 2016, with basic materials, precious metals and currencies leading the way. Full disclosure, at Treece Investments our clients had significant exposure to the precious metals sector since the start of the year. If you would like to know more about how and why we invest where we do, or are interested in becoming a client, we invite you to schedule a no cost consultation with us to discuss our strategy and your portfolio.


ytd performance leaders

Happy trading!

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