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Trade Tensions Rise; 5/13/2019 WSPD

Dock gives us his Monday quote of the week, comments on the trade tensions with China, how they impact import/export numbers, the yield curve, Bitcoin and more.

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Women Entering the Blue Collar Workforce; 4/30/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow’s lackluster day, equity indexes flattening out, indicators that the economy may be slowing, personal savings in the US, “democratic capitalism” and more.

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Q1 GDP Report; 4/29/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about Dock’s quote of the week, the GDP report and much more.

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Fed Backs Down on Rate Hikes; 3/21/2019 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock comments on the FOMC meeting minutes, mortgage rates, Toledo’s position in the US economy as a manufacturing center, Toledo Express Airport, Ford and more.

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Poll Shows Strong US Economy; 3/19/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about, a recent poll about the US economy, a switch up at Fox News, politics in the state of Ohio and what to watch for today.

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What Inflation Means For An Economy; 2/1/2019 WSPD

On Friday Dock talks about the unemployment numbers, new home sales, the effects of inflation and much more.

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Fed Holds Off on Rate Hike in January; 1/31/2019 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about the Fed holding off on a January rate hike, and the markets responded. In addition, January saw new jobs come in, but the economy slipped up in December.

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A Boost to the Economies of Utah and Tennessee; 1/22/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the economic booms in Utah and Tennessee, the latest forecasts from the IMF, investors flocking to cash positions and more.

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Dow Stages Strong Monday Turnaround; 12/11/2018 WSPD

Dock comments on the Dow’s turnaround yesterday, job openings, declining corporate profits, the mortgage market, the costs of college educations compared to wages and more.

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Dow Stages Monster Turnaround; 12/7/2018 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about the monster turnaround in equity indexes yesterday, some economic issues that we are facing now that we have seen before, banks tightening credit and more.

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