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The Most Searched Financial Terms; 8/21/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred discuss President Trump’s comments on the Fed, the top most searched financial terms, Social Security and more.

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Is the US Approaching a NAFTA Deal With Mexico? 8/17/2018 WSPD

On Dock’s birthday he and Fred discuss tariffs, a potential NAFTA deal with Mexico and the US economy hitting a “speed limit.”

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Bitcoin’s Roller Coaster Ride; 8/9/2019 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about Bitcoin’s roller coaster ride, home prices rising, a potential trade deal with Mexico and GM’s new deal with Henry Ford Health Systems.

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Who Exactly Is Buying Stocks At These Levels? 8/8/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred discuss federal debt, stock market levels, retail sales on the rise along with job openings and Elon Musk’s tweet regarding Tesla.

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President Trump’s Interest Rate Remarks; 7/23/2018

Dock and Fred discuss market forecasters and their predictions, President Trump’s interest rate comments, FCA’s new CEO, Tesla asking suppliers to rebate cash and more.

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Tariffs and the Labor Force; 7/9/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about Dock’s quote of the week, the labor force, what tariffs could do to the economy and more.

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Stocks Turn Lower as Q2 Comes to a Close; 7/2/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred discuss how stocks ended the 2nd quarter, gas prices over the holiday week and good news for the state of Michigan.

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Wages Up, Debt Delinquencies Down; 6/27/2018 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred discuss the latest data on wages, debt delinquencies, companies bringing overseas profits back to the US, FedEx and more.

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Social Security and Inflation; 6/25/2018

Monday morning Dock talks about Bitcoin’s latest price slide, student debt and what inflation means for Social Security recipients.

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Mortgage Applications Spike; 6/21/2018 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about mortgage applications jumping from the last reporting period and European auto makers looking to deal on tariffs.

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