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GE and GM’s Corporate Stock Buybacks; 11/30/2018 WSPD

On Friday Dock comments on the G20 Summit, the pending Brexit deal, GE and GM corporate buybacks and much more.

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Dow Struggles Over Thanksgiving Holiday; 11/26/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock talks about the Dow’s poor Thanksgiving week, stocks reflecting holiday sales, pot stocks, Ohio agreeing to accept Bitcoin for tax payments, stocks on the NYSE and more.

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Monday’s Market Carnage; 11/13/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock comments on Monday’s market carnage, the latest decline in oil prices, job growth and much more.

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Election Day 2018; 11/6/2018 WSPD

Dock talks about the impacts of today’s election and Amazon’s HQ2.

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General Electric and Their Dividend; 10/31/2018 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred discuss how stocks performed in October, GE’s dividend, stock buybacks and much more.

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Happy Anniversary 1929 Stock Market Crash; 10/29/2018

Tune in to today’s podcast on the anniversary of the 1929 market crash.

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Economic Conditions vs. Market Events; 10/26/2018 WSPD

Friday morning Dock comments on the rally in the Dow on Thursday, how economic conditions impact markets as opposed to individual events, how much of an effect the FANG stocks have on the S&P 500 and much more.

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Corporate Earnings Headline Financial News; 10/23/2018

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred go in to corporate earnings and a shift to defensive investments.

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Circuit Breakers; 10/15/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the week, comments on market activity from Friday, the ETF industry and how it pertains to the bond market, stock market circuit breakers and much more.

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Stocks Tumble on Wednesday, Set Stage for Thursday Decline; 10/11/2018 WSPD

On Thursday’s podcast Dock comments on yesterday’s bloodbath in stocks, rising mortgage rates and more.

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