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The Current Fed Business Outlook; 8/16/2019 WSPD

On Friday Dock talks about the rally in stocks, the New York and Philadelphia Fed business outlook and jobs.

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The Yield Curve and the China Trade Deal; 8/14/2019 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred discuss the trade deal with China, the yield curve and the situation in Argentina.

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Today’s Economic Environment vs. The 1970’s; 8/9/2019 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred discuss what today’s current economic environment looks like, unemployment numbers and more.

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FCA Betting Big on Jeep; 8/5/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock comments on employment, the Dow’s recent decline, FCA betting big on Jeep and more.

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Wall Street Journal Reports Farmers Facing Tough Year; 7/30/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock recaps the markets, the transportation industry, the FOMC meeting, the farming industry and more.

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Risk, Recessions and the Dollar; 7/29/2019 WSPD

On Monday Dock talks about Warren Buffett’s definition of risk, the value of the US Dollar, talks about a recession and more.

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US Agencies Moving Out of D.C.; 7/26/2019 WSPD

On Friday Dock and Fred talk about corporate earnings, the US birth rate and the relocation of federal agencies outside of Washington D.C.

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Foreign Purchases of US Real Estate Slowing; 7/22/2019 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about earnings, foreign purchases of US residential real estate and more.

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Demand for Negative Yielding Bonds; 7/19/2019

Friday morning Dock and Fred discuss the New York Fed’s John Williams rate cut comment, the success of Amazon Prime Day, negative yielding bonds and more.

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Transportation Costs Rising; 7/16/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow, the Baltic Dry Index, portfolio management and much more.

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