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Funds Flowing Out of US Equity Funds; 12/14/2018 WSPD

It’s Friday! Dock and Fred talk about money flowing out of US equity funds, Bitcoin, jobless claims, governments participating in stock markets, the local housing market and more.

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Are We Nearing The End of This Business Cycle? 12/13/2018 WSPD

Dock talks about continued volatility in the markets, whether or not we have seen a peak in this business cycle and more.

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What Causes a Market Decline? 12/12/2018

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about Vanguard’s John Bogle’s latest recommendation and what starts a market decline.

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Huawei CFO Arrested; 12/6/2018 WSPD

On Thursday Dock and Fred talk about Huawei CFO being arrested in Canada, how it will weigh on the markets, developments out of the energy market and much more.

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Yield Curve Inverting? 12/4/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning on the program Dock and Fred talk about construction spending, the inversion of the yield curve, a recent survey about the likelihood of a recession and much more.

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A Shakeup In The Energy Sector; 12/3/2018 WSPD

On Monday Dock gives us his quote of the week, comments on the Trump/Xi dinner, a shakeup in the energy sector, what the recent rise in natural gas prices has done to one hedge fund in Tampa and much more.

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GM Announces Plant Closures; 11/27/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about how the world views the US, GM’s decision to close a handful of plants, the latest from the oil industry and more.

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Retail Stocks Down Heading Toward’s Black Friday; 11/21/2018 WSPD

Going in to one of the biggest shopping days of the year Dock comments on retail sales, if the economy is beginning to slow down and much more.

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Monday’s Tech Bloodbath; 11/20/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about pain in the tech sector, the state of the housing market, the possibility of a market correction, more American households cutting the cable chord and more.

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Business Cycles and Market Warning Signs; 11/19/2018 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about warning signs in the market, household debt, retail sales, business cycles and Kroger’s business model on today’s podcast.

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