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Unemployment Numbers and the Trade Deficit; 3/7/2019 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about the 2020 election, the value of the US dollar, the trade deficit, recency bias and much more.

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Toledo’s Economic Development Ranking; 3/5/2019 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about motor vehicle sales, Toledo’s national ranking in economic development, gasoline taxes and more.

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FCA Plans New Plants in Michigan; 2/27/2019 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about the new FCA plants in Michigan and what to watch for today.

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What’s Driving The Market? 2/26/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred recap the Monday trading session and reports, corporate stock buybacks, Illinois’ plan to tax private retirement plans and more.

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Honda Closing Plant in the UK; 2/19/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about Honda closing down a plant in England, Brexit, Dana Corp’s profits, Payless Shoe’s filing for bankruptcy and more.

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Amazon Back’s Out of New York HQ Plans; 2/15/2019 WSPD

Dock comments on disappointing retail sales, jobless claims, the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow forecast, Amazon pulling out of New York, the latest out of Washington D.C. and more.

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Paul Krugman Says 2019 Recession Possible; 2/12/2019 WSPD

On Tuesday Dock and Fred talk about Lima Tank Plant, US Steel opening up an idle plant in Alabama, confidence in personal finances on the rise, recession possibilities, the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index and more.

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Amazon’s HQ2 in NYC; 2/11/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the day from Christine Lagarde, the Baltic Dry Index, job openings, Amazon’s presence in New York and more.

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The US Shipping Industry; 2/8/2019 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred talk about the steel industry, the trade deficit, a congested shipping pipeline in the US, immigration, management philosophies and more.

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The State of the Union Address; 2/6/2019 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the State of the Union address, new home sales and mortgage rates on the WSPD podcast.

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