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Stock Market Approaching a Milestone; 8/15/2018 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred discuss small business optimism, strength in the local housing market and the stock market approaching a milestone.

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The Future of Universities; 8/14/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about a society in transition, the future of colleges and universities and more.

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Turkish Lira Down 79% YTD: 8/13/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred go in depth discussing the Turkish currency crisis.

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Is The Economy Operating At Top Speed? 8/10/2018 WSPD

On Friday Dock comments on the Dow’s price action, jobless claims and US economic strength.

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Bitcoin’s Roller Coaster Ride; 8/9/2019 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about Bitcoin’s roller coaster ride, home prices rising, a potential trade deal with Mexico and GM’s new deal with Henry Ford Health Systems.

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Who Exactly Is Buying Stocks At These Levels? 8/8/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred discuss federal debt, stock market levels, retail sales on the rise along with job openings and Elon Musk’s tweet regarding Tesla.

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Why Debt and Currency Markets Matter; 8/7/2018 WSPD

Dock and Fred discuss US job growth, separating the economy from the markets and why currency and debt markets matter.

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The Number of US Publicly Traded Companies is Shrinking; 8/6/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote from Thomas Sowell, the US labor market, the shrinking number of publicly traded companies and more.

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Apple Breaks $1 Trillion Market Cap; 8/3/2018 WSPD

It’s Friday morning and Dock and Fred discuss Apple breaking into the $1 trillion market cap barrier, Tesla’s rally following their Q2 losses, strong factor orders, GDP predictions and more.

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Tesla Stock Rallies After Hours Following Worst Quarterly Loss in Company History; 8/2/2018

Thursday morning Dock and Fred discuss the economy reaching “max speed,” Tesla’s stock rallying after suffering its worst quarterly loss in company history, TSA scaling back operations, Russia decreasing their US Treasury debt and more.

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