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Are The Markets Taking Crazy Pills? 12/8/2017 Charts of the Week

As valuations continue to soar, will the bull market continue or will 2018 be the year that investors seek value elsewhere? Find out in the Charts of the Week

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May’s Brexit Bill and Bitcoin’s 40% Rise in 40 Hours; 12/8/17 WSPD

Friday morning Dock talks about the Brexit deal, Bitcoin’s 40% rise in 40 hours, strong numbers from the latest employment reports and more.

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Bitcoin Rises Above $15,000; 12/7/17 WSPD

This morning Dock comments on the labor market, Bitcoin’s rise to over $15,000, retail jobs disappearing, the tax plan being debated in Congress and more.

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Bitcoin Continues to Rise as Equities Suffer a Rough Start to December; 12/6/17 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred talk about Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, the psychology of bear markets, equity indexes having a rough week and more.

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Investors Wary of Coming Rate Hikes and Tapering; 12/4/17 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about how actions taken by the Federal Reserve could impact liquidity, where the current economic expansion falls in comparison in modern history, market jitters despite solid economic news, the FBI’s investigation into the Russia probe and more.

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Carl Icahn Says Markets Are In A ‘Euphoric State;” 12/1/17 WSPD

Friday morning Dock comments on Carl Icahn’s comments on the markets Euphoric state, the GOP tax plan, seeking value in the markets and more.

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Congressional Tax Plans and Budget Extension Causing Problems on Capitol Hill; 11/30/17 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock comments on current GDP figures, yesterday’s dip in the S&P500 and NASDAQ while the Dow rose, the Congressional tax plan, the looming government budget crisis and more.

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Black Friday Sales and Strong Numbers in Housing; 11/28/17 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about good news out of the housing sector, how natural disasters have impacted the auto and home building industries, Black Friday sales and more.

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Black Friday Sales, Bitcoin and Amazon’s New HQ; 11/27/17 WSPD

Monday morning Dock comments on the economics of Bitcoin, Black Friday sales, Chicago’s offer to Amazon and more.

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Sexual Harassment Claims Rock D.C. and the Carried Interest Tax Loophole; 11/22/2017 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the recent sexual harassment scandals coming out of Washington D.C., brick and mortar retail sales on the rise, silicon valley jobs, the carried tax loophole and more.

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