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Household Debt on the Rise, Commodities Provide Boost to Miners; 2/20/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about household debt (specifically student loan debt), the commodities sector and more.

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Inflation and What It Means For You; 2/19/2018 WSPD

Monday morning on President’s Day Dock defines inflation and how it can impact your purchasing power, comments on the strong housing market and much more.

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Is a Recession on the Horizon? 2/14/2018 WSPD

Wednesday morning on Valentine’s Day Dock and Fred talk about the small business optimism, Ray Dalio’s comments on the risk of a recession, domestic oil production and more.

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Federal Budgets, Local Permitting and Wisconsin’s Low Unemployment; 2/13/2018 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the proposed federal budget, the local permitting process, Wisconsin’s efforts to combat unemployment and more.

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President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Due Out Today; 2/12/2018 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the week from Winston Churchill, comments on the oil rig count, Trump’s infrastructure plan and much more.

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Dow Drops Another 1,000 Points; 2/9/2018 WSPD

Friday morning Dock comments on the Dow’s 1000 point drop yesterday, unemployment, government debt and more.

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Local Investment and the Toledo Auto Show; 2/8/18 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock comments on the Toledo Auto Show, some big projects happening around Toledo and more.

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Credit Suisse’s XIV Worthless; 2/7/2018 WSPD

Dock and Fred talk about the dangers of market volatility and volatility related products.

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Dow Drops 4% on Monday, Inverse Volatility ETN XIV Down 85% Pre-Market; 2/6/2018 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the 4% drop in the Dow on Monday, the short-volatility ETN (XIV) that could be looking at a termination event, Bitcoin’s historic drop from $6,000 to $20,000 back to $6,000 and more.

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Markets Respond to the State of the Union and Facebook’s Business Model; 2/1/2018 WSPD

Dock fills us in on how the markets performed after the State of the Union, the latest ADP numbers, a rise in home ownership thanks to millennials, Facebook’s business model and more.

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