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Amazon Looks to Place a New HQ, Unemployment Hits 44 Year Low; 10/20/17 WSPD

On Friday Dock comments on unemployment hitting a 44 year low, Amazon looking for a new HQ, Congressional tax overhaul and more.

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Dow Breaks 23,000 on the 30 Year Anniversary of the 1987 Crash; 10/19/17 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock talks about the Dow surpassing the 23,000 level thanks to IBM, the 30 year anny of the 1987 market crash, a new development in Maumee and more.

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Dow Closes In On 23,000; 10/18/17 WSPD

On Good News Wednesday Dock comments on the Dow closing at another all time high, just short of 23,000, and if the market could go higher.

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Shell’s Louisiana Investment, Generational Differences in Advisors; 10/17/17 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow’s record high, Shell’s petrochemical plant in Louisiana, the difference in strategy between older and younger advisors and more.

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Unemployment Hits New Low, Media Industry Experiences a Shake Up; 10/13/17 WSPD

Friday morning Dock comments on unemployment hitting a 43 year low, seasonal retail workers, the shake up in the media industry and more.

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FOMC Releases Meeting Minutes; 10/12/17 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock and Fred talk about the FOMC meeting minutes, the local housing market, job openings/new hires and much more.

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Fed Data Leaks and How To Raise Successful Kids; 10/11/17 WSPD

This week on Good News Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about Federal Reserve Data advance leaks, the Dow’s record high and how to raise successful kids.

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Market Corrections vs. Recessions, SERS Freezes COLA Adjustments; 10/10/17 WSPD

Dock comments on if a stock market corrections and recessions go hand in hand and SERS freezing cost of living adjustments for retirees.

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Friday’s Stellar Jobs Numbers; 10/9/17 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about the stellar employment report, how various market sectors have recovered from the 2009 bottom, learning to prepare and profit from the “bad times” and more.

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How Long Will It Take for Stocks to Recover From a Correction? 10/6/17 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred talk about stock indices hitting new highs, the old adage that “stocks always come back,” China’s new urban development and more.

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