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The Inverted Yield Curve; 3/25/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock and Fred talk about the Dow’s drop on Friday, the inverted yield curve, the Mueller report and recession fears.

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German Economy Struggling; 3/22/2019 WSPD

Friday Dock and Fred discuss the transportation sector, GDP, jobless claims, the German economy and much more.

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Fed Backs Down on Rate Hikes; 3/21/2019 WSPD

Thursday morning Dock comments on the FOMC meeting minutes, mortgage rates, Toledo’s position in the US economy as a manufacturing center, Toledo Express Airport, Ford and more.

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Ford’s Vehicle Production; 3/20/2019 WSPD

On Wednesday Dock and Fred talk about the President’s travels, Ford’s vehicle production, childcare in the workplace, companies leaving California and more.

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Poll Shows Strong US Economy; 3/19/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock and Fred talk about, a recent poll about the US economy, a switch up at Fox News, politics in the state of Ohio and what to watch for today.

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Finland’s Economic Catastrophe; 3/18/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the week, comments on Finland’s economic troubles, the housing market, Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy and more.

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Teaching Kids Personal Finance Early; 3/13/2019 WSPD

Wednesday morning Dock and Fred talk about guaranteed pro sports contracts, Brexit, teaching kids finance fundamentals at a young age and more.

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Retail Sales and GDP; 3/12/2019 WSPD

Tuesday morning Dock talks with Fred about how the Boeing stock reacted to their latest troubles, retail sales, GDP figures and how a handful of stocks are responsible for a majority of the gains in the SP500.

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Boeing Stock to Drop Following Weekend Airline Crash; 3/11/2019 WSPD

Monday morning Dock gives us his quote of the week, the regional economy, the unemployment numbers, Boeing’s stock drop following the devastating news over the weekend and much more.

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Wages for US Workers; 3/8/2019 WSPD

Friday morning Dock and Fred talk about corporate hiring, wages, life skills and much more on today’s podcast.

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