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Where Treece Investments Got its Start

In founding the firm, Dock D. Treece uniquely structured his business so that it could supply identical money management services to accounts large and small – and of all types, from qualified retirement accounts like IRAs to individual savings. Every Treece Investments client has an account in their own name, with the firm acting as a money manager that allocates investments on their behalf.

In other words, Treece Investments never has possession of a client’s money.

Today the firm manages money using one model that closely follows its Philosophy, the goal being that accounts managed over the same period of time under like conditions will receive like returns. While Treece Investments manages client accounts ranging from $10,000 to several million, every one of the firm’s clients has direct access to the partners responsible for managing their financial future.

For the hundreds of clients served by Treece Investments, the firm’s management system is trusted and proven. It’s important for every prospective client to understand how we do what we do. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a client.

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