Institutional Services

Serving More – Charging Less

Using relationships with custodians and administrators, Treece Investments is able to handle a variety of institutional accounts, including trusts and employer-sponsored retirement plans – examples include 401(k) and 401(a) plans.

Not only is the firm able to support these types of accounts – we are typically able to offer a level of service above and beyond the expectations of most institutional clients. Benefits include regular visits, market updates, and – like individual clients – direct access to our partners.

Since expanding our offering of institutional services, we’ve found ourselves particularly effective with employer-sponsored retirement plans like 401(k)s. Our fees are more transparent than most providers; in fact we often build plans with no out-of-pocket cost to employers. We’re also happy to conduct regular onsite visits to update plan participants of changes in the plan and the markets.

Lastly, by contracting as an advisor to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, Treece Investments is able to structure plans in such a way that individual employees (plan participants) are able to utilize our account management services – and at a substantial discount to our normal fee structure.

Learn about our custom fee structure for institutions: Ethics, Fees, & Disclosure PDF

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