It’s not what you own, it’s when you own it.

Our aim is to make sure clients are in the right position at the right time.

Most advisors have no idea of where the economy is going, so they build diversified portfolios “customized” for clients. We entirely disagree with this practice and know that it’s not only possible to forecast where the economy is going, but to profit from investing in the right sectors at the right time. After all, the market doesn’t care about investors, it cares about economic conditions; so it stands to reason that when those conditions change, investments should change as well.

At Treece Investments, we don’t do anything with a client’s money that we wouldn’t do with our own. While plenty of firms espouse this philosophy, we stand behind it, with the assets of our firm, its partners, and much of their family invested right alongside our clients. In fact, the money managed by our firm’s founder and President, Dock D. Treece, and his spouse, makes them our second largest client.

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