Who We Are

Treece is not your typical wealth management firm.

Treece Investment is proud that our proven, successful money management philosophy stands up against our peers.

Treece Investments uses a sector-rotation strategy, which is a way of saying we manage money in accord with what the market is actually doing. The partners at Treece Investments firmly believe that the market doesn’t care about us. We operate with the understanding that investments only care about economic conditions.

Put differently, the Treece Investments philosophy is centered on the idea that “it’s not what you own, it’s when you own it.”

The founding of Treece Investments was born out of this philosophy more than 30 years ago, when founding partner Dock D. Treece co-founded the firm that would later become Treece Investment Advisory Corp.

While Dock D. Treece originally founded Treece Investment Advisory Corp and Treece Financial Services Corp, and continues to serve as the President of both companies, the partners maintain all the designations and licenses necessary to run both firms.

The success of these business entities is predicated on the willingness of the partners to commit themselves to a different way of doing business—a way of doing business that is ultimately best for all the money we manage, including our own. It’s a commitment in which you can place your trust. We never do anything with your money what we don’t do with our own.

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